DBC Team


Rob Collins, JD. – Co-founder and General Counsel: Rob is a solutions-oriented entrepreneur, attorney and strategic advisor with more than 20 years of business and legal experience in technology commercialization, business development, customer and partner relations, and the management and negotiation of complex technology and corporate transactions.  As CEO of Suspension Orthopaedics from 2008-2013, Rob brought Suspension’s orthopedic implant products from inception through design, development, funding, testing, FDA clearances, commercialization and successful sales launch. A long-time commercial and technology attorney, Rob also co-founded Collins Technology Law in 2008.  The firm focuses on corporate, commercial and technology transactions for both early stage and established technology-oriented companies.  He holds a BA with honors in Economics and History from Wesleyan University, and a JD with High Honors from the National Law Center at George Washington University.

Brian Jamieson, PhD - President & CEO:  Brian is a 21-year veteran of engineering R&D, biomedical device and instrument development projects.  The DBC technology platform builds on his doctoral research on implantable biosensors. Brian was a NASA civil servant from 2002-2006, where he worked on analytical instrument miniaturization for unmanned space missions. Brian left NASA in 2006 to found SB Microsystems, and has grown the firm to seventeen employees, leading a variety of successful medical device development projects for private clients, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  Brian serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Maryland Science Center, as an advisor to the graduate Industrial Leadership in Physics (ILP) program at Georgetown University, and on review panels for NASA, the NIH, and the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. Brian earned a BS in Physics from Yale in 1991, and Electrical Engineering (MS, 2000) and Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D., 2003) degrees from the University of Michigan. He is also a 1996 Olympic silver medalist in rowing.

Scientific Advisors and Collaborators


Kevin Plaxco, PhD -  Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California at Santa Barbara

  • ŸPhD from Caltech with postdoctoral studies at Oxford and the University of Washington
  • ŸCo-author on more than 130 papers on protein folding, protein dynamics, folding-based biosensors and folding-based smart materials as well as a popular science book on Astrobiology
  • ŸNumerous patents filed


Barbara Slusher, PhD - Director, Brain Science Institute NeuroTranslation Drug Discovery Program, Johns Hopkins University

  • Highly accomplished drug discovery career in pharmaceutical industry
  • Companies include ICI Pharmaceuticals, Zeneca (now Astra-Zeneca), Guilford Pharmaceuticals, MGI Pharma, and the Eisai Research Institute

X. Tracy Cui, PhD - Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh

  • Research focus in neural engineering with special focuses on neural electrode-tissue interface, neural tissue engineering, and CNS drug discovery and biosensors.
  • Specific projects include 1) Surface coatings for neural micro electrode arrays to improve recording and stimulation stability, reliability and longevity; 2) Controlled drug delivery and biochemical sensing in the nervous system. 

Warren Grill, PhD - Professor, Department of Biomedical Enginering, Duke UniversityŸ

  • R&D activities focus on neural prostheses, design and testing of electrodes and methods for electrical stimulation, development and application of computational approaches to study neural stimulation, and physiological and translational studies of neural control
  • Applications in peripheral nerve stimulation restoration of bladder function, brain stimulation for treatment of movement disorders, and spinal cord stimulation for treatment of chronic pain.