Diagnostic Biochips sells its first product, the Neuro Mapping Microsensor (NMM), through distributor Cambridge NeuroTech. This silicon probe product is used by neuroscientists to study how the brain processes information. Examples of experiments using our NMM sensors include studies of reward-seeking behavior, memory creation, location mapping, and many other brain functions. Electrodes record in the brains of awake, behaving animals for several weeks to months.

Drug discovery groups at pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations use our NMM sensors to study the efficacy of novel drug candidates for a variety of neurological diseases.


Neuro Biosensors

We are currently working on several initial neuro biosensor products, which include sensors that detect:

  • GABA
  • cocaine
  • substance P
  • ethanol
  • a novel psychiatric drug

If you are interested in learning more about our sensors or potentially becoming a beta user, please contact us.